Monday, April 11, 2011

And the conduit is open...and down the rabbit hole I go

I have a beat up notebook, a purple pen (my favorite color), and I'm writing down my ideas in my head.  I noticed that as my ideas are flowing through my head, the more I see serendipity rearing it's pretty head.  For example, my story is partly based on the premise of "Who created God?" A preview of a movie called "Dylan Dog"...being interested in anything sci fi, I look it up, and on the site I found, it stated his father was named Abraxas.

That name resonated with me, so I looked up Abraxas.  Lo and behold, according Carl Jung, it's the god higher than the Christian God or Devil...I'm following the rabbit hole down into the darkness...and see what might bump up against me while I'm down there...hopefully I won't step into something!

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